NO Casino In Kingston: Campaign SUCCESSFUL!

In the referendum on October 27th, 2014, Kingstonians indicated a clear position:  they are AGAINST having a casino in the City. Over 67% voted NO, more than double the votes that voted YES.

Furthermore, our district of Sydenham LED THE WAY, voting over 86% NO, the highest NO total in the City!  Peter was very happy that all of his advocacy against the casino during the campaign was justified.

here is the original text that was on the website during the campaign:

In this election there will be a clear referendum question on the Ballot. 

“Are you in favour of a casino being located in the City of Kingston?”    YES    NO

Peter Stroud stands out on this issue amongst Sydenham candidates, because he is firmly opposed to a casino anywhere in this city.  He has spoken out against the idea several times in public forums, including twice at city hall, once in a delegation to Council (with the Downtown Kingston Business Improvement Area), and once in a presentation to Planning Committee.  

One point that Peter likes to stress is that the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation (OLG) has indicated repeatedly that they are ONLY interested in moving the casino from Gananoque to Kingston if it is permitted to be located DOWNTOWN.  You will hear rhetoric from pro-casino or neutral candidates talking about putting it elsewhere in the city, to minimize the negative social impact.  This is a RED HERRING:  the OLG will not agree to this.  Please read paragraph 8:

“The OLG now believes it should put the casino in larger population areas, such as Kingston.”

Please consider joining Peter in voting NO to the casino, (and YES to supporting local businesses).  

There are numerous reasons for voting NO – primarily social and economic –  you can learn much more at the No Casino Kingston website here:

Another great article written by David Frum titled “A Good Way to Wreck a Local Economy: Build Casinos” for the Atlantic can be found here: