Commuter Parking


Commuter parking in Sydenham District is changing.  For years now, the City has been preventing it in residential areas by posting time-of-day restrictions (ie No Parking 10-11am & 2-3pm) that would mean a two tickets every day for a commuter.  It is the simplest way of preventing all-day parking.  Unfortunately it also prevents visitor parking in front of one’s home during those times.  You can avoid this inconvenience by purchasing a resident permit for $30/month, for a lesser charge for one week, or for one day for FREE.  Fully one half of all available spots have been reserved for this purpose, to prevent all the permit zones from being flooded by commuters, who are required to pay much more for their permits.

After the success of the pilot project in the Hotel Dieu Hospital area of our ward, they are now expanding to the main campus area.  I will be posting updates here as they become available.  Here are a few points I noticed on the following page:

  1. Following a well-attended public meeting in June 2015, it was decided that Napier St will get the same rules restricting commuter parking as Area B.  See the special tab explaining this at the above link.  Note that the extension of Area B includes the rest of Earl St, as well as sections of Willingdon and College, and all of Churchill.
  2. The program started May 2015 and the streets in Area B that were once flooded with cars are now practically empty.
  3. The City announced that there are spots available in zone B6 (South of Union, Albert St & Queen’s Cr).  These are the 36 permits on the blocks of Albert St. and Queen’s Crescent, formerly part of Queen’s on-street permits that have gone back to the City
  4. Zones B5 & B7 are currently allowing resident permits only, NO COMMUTERS.
  5. B4 & B6 are rightly priced by the City at $117.75 per month, substantially higher than the Queen’s surface lot, to encourage filling up the lots before the street.
  6. Queen’s pricing for main campus is:
    • Surface – $93.56/month
    • Union Street Garage – $122.81/month
    • Link for Queen’s lots:

I am very active on the EITP committee, I hope to have direct input and influence on parking policy, which is developed by Staff in the Parking department at the City.  Also, the Director of Parking, Sheila Kidd, has proved to be very responsive to our residents’ input.  Please continue to speak up and let me know if you have concerns!

Peter Stroud