Council Priorities 2015-2018

Draft motion for K P trail 2017 final

Above is the link to a motion I wrote, which Council passed unanimously on May 19th, 2015.  How exciting it would be to be able to walk or cycle all the way out the K & P trail, starting from the downtown waterfront!

The last two days in March, the thirteen of us sat down for six hours to hammer out our strategic priorities for this Council term.  It was a fascinating process, which yielded the draft of a very interesting and well-balanced document, which will is now published directly on the City Website for all to see.  

*CLICK* on the link below to take a look:


While I agree with all six priorities, I’m proud to have played a crucial role during the discussions in establishing two of them:  #3 and #4.  

In particular, I’m grateful for Council’s support for my idea of doubling the tree canopy by 2025.  So happy to see thousands of new trees being planted and watered!  So I’m absolutely delighted that Council has chosen to focus on these areas!  It is so encouraging for me to hear that my Council colleagues share many of my views about liveable cities built to the human scale, and green infrastructure.  Both are so important to civic pride and to encourage communities to come together.  The fact that the priorities are so well-balanced show how all thirteen of us have committed to the politics of inclusion, and the key aspect of government which we all endorse:  finding the right Balance.


It’s an exciting time to be in City government!