“The tactics used by the mayor and councillors were divisive. They made the whole city look bad. Students and residents stood shoulder to shoulder” Peter Stroud in the Whig Sept 26 2014

DON’T LOSE YOUR VOICE:  In 2013 some city councilors and the mayor decided to redraw district lines – effectively eliminating Sydenham District – where main campus resides.  They decided not to count the students as electors in their formula “since they don’t vote anyways”.  Peter Stroud helped launch the appeal to the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board).  The OMB’s decision on the appeal confirmed student rights, corrected council and preserved our district.  see:  or: – for a more tongue-in-cheek look at what transpired.

PETER IS AWARE OF STUDENT ISSUES:  A former Queen’s student, he still counts students as friends and neighbours.  He has a simple and fair solution to the one-bag limit on garbage which is essentially an unfair tax on high-occupancy houses.  It’s actually a greener option:  instead of one untagged bag a week, give each dwelling 52 tags at the beginning of the school year.  You can use as many as needed (or none) each week.  Great if you are not here all year, and fair because you might be paying rent (and property tax) for twelve months.  It’s getting great feedback at the doors, as Peter goes around the entire district, every day.  He is speaking with dozens of current and former students about their concerns.  It’s direct democracy, and it works.

After sharing a boardroom table at the Sydenham District Association with the past four AMS MACs, Peter has consulted at length with the current one, agreeing with all four major recommendations, and will champion them in order to continue to bring students and other residents together.   see:   or  for general election and voting info – both  put together by the AMS MAC.

PETER WILL REPRESENT THE ENTIRE DISTRICT:   He’s a father to young children, a critical care nurse, and a musician.  He still plays soccer with students and grads, his kids swim in the pool at the ARC, and he participates in many Queen’s events.  Also, he is active and well-known in the larger community.  He will not pick and choose which segments of Sydenham district he will represent.  He will represent EVERYONE.    From Queens Journal:

“I’m knocking on every single door in the district. I don’t discriminate about the type of residents that might be in that abode,” he said.  “It doesn’t change the message I use. I want to represent everyone whether they vote or not. It’s not just about the voting. The priority is to build a community where everyone is included. You are a resident of Sydenham no matter what stage of life you’re in.”