Trees For Sydenham

One of Peter’s first accomplishments on City Council was to suggest a bold initiative during Strategic Planning in 2015:  Double the Tree Canopy by 2025

An article was published in Kingston Life on this subject, starting on page 22, the interview with Peter that describes the initiative’s beginnings starts on page 24:

Urban Tree Cover, page 22

Peter has been a longtime environmental advocate and also had a long tree-planting career, planting over 500,000 trees in four provinces. As an executive member of the Sydenham District Association, he was Chair of the Tree Committee, from 2010 to 2014.  The 18 new trees on Ellerbeck Street by the hospital are an example of his work.  They all survived the crucial first three years! On the SDA website you can read more about Peter’s accomplishments in this role as well as checking out the very cool “Tree Map” of the District:  

SDA Tree Committee Webpage

During the bad drought of 2012, our trees were not being watered by the city.  Peter was approached by Ariel Salzmann, a concerned Sydenham resident.  Together they went to see the mayor about the trees.  The lobbying was successful, and Council unanimously passed a motion to create a Drought Management Strategy.  Read Prof. Salzmann’s account about the meeting here:

A meeting with the mayor about trees

Peter also had his e-mail about our city’s trees published as an article on a local website.  This was on August 3rd, 2012.  Read his article here, and see the similarities between this article, and what later shows up on the City’s webpage about our new drought strategy:

Kingston’s Tree Deficit (by Peter Stroud)

In a welcome development, Peter followed up his early drought management advocacy by getting City Staff to water City trees during drought.  His Motion passed Council during the drought of 2016.